I’m excited to relaunch the site, with a new interface and a huge trove of old and new 3D photos to share!

All the images on PARALLAX CITY are in the anaglyph 3D format. You’ll need red/blue 3D glasses to view them (not the polarized glasses used for most 3D movies). Get a free pair from the good people at American Paper Optics.

I’ve posted 10 images to start: a mix of portraits and some scenes from New Orleans. I’ll post a new image nearly every week, with a different focus each month. I’ll add more info to this page each week on the latest images.

Interested in a portrait of your own? Get in touch! A 3D image is like a window thru time and space, capturing a moment of life like no other medium can. I love working with people to create unique, beautiful, and memorable 3D portraits.